Multibeam.net back up and blogging

Now that I am the Chief Strategy Officer for XOCEAN I thought I would get back to blogging about any high resolution seabed mapping related news.  So my first post should be about the amazing XO-450 USVs. We are currently up to X09 and should be to X12 by early next year. The only USV […]


Grand Canyon combined multibeam and laser survey

Blowing my own trumpet here as I made the Fledermaus fly-through, but it is a great dataset that was collected by Seahorse Geomatics for the USGS using a Norbit iWMBS system and their new laser system. I processed the bathymetry and laser in Qimera and then did the visualisation trickery in Fledermaus.


Richard Montgomery

MCA have just released the Richard Montgomery Survey report from the 2011 survey that MMT-NetSurvey conducted. It’s also been in the news recently about whether it will stop the building of a new London airport. I hope it will because Heathrow is much easier to get to for me.


Fugro News – Fugro Acquires EMU Limited to Advance Growth in Marine Environmental Survey and Consultancy

This is interesting as EMU are the other survey contractor working for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency. Surprising that nothing was said at OI last week. Fugro News – Fugro Acquires EMU Limited to Advance Growth in Marine Environmental Survey and Consultancy: “”


A really great way to share multibeam data

This is a fantastic example of the ESRI web portal. They created this from the Shallow Survey Dataset in Wellington, NZ. As I’m going to be involved in the dataset collection for Shallow Survey 2015 in the UK I think I’ll get ESRI to rename the home page to just be Shallow Survey and we […]


Operation Gooseberry

Here at NetSurvey we are just gearing up for Operation Gooseberry, which is a survey we will perform at the end of September of the British and Canadian D-Day Beaches (Gold, Silver and Juno). As well as a survey it is going to be a joint training exercise with the UK Hydrographic Office. We will […]

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