ASV Acceptance trials – what’s different to normal

ASV Harry has just completed his acceptance trials and there were a number of tests that we performed which are unique to ASVs, which I thought I would share. Wifi Link Test The SeaRobotics ASV is autonomous but it is always good to see what is going on and how do you communicate nowadays – […]


Using “hydroacoustic properties” to date lava flows

Isobel Yeo of GEOMAR’s Helmholtz Institute for Ocean Research Kiel is calculating the date of lava flows from undersea volcanoes by using the reflectivity returned by sonar backscatter. Nice article on the BBC website here and her paper can be downloaded here


Val Schmidt and the Lost AUV

An excellent, if a little sweaty palms, story of how an AUV was lost and then found. It is bad enough to lose a sidescan or ROTV (we did 2 years ago but luckily it was washed up on a beach) but an AUV is even more expensive!

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