ASV Acceptance trials – what’s different to normal

ASV Harry has just completed his acceptance trials and there were a number of tests that we performed which are unique to ASVs, which I thought I would share. Wifi Link Test The SeaRobotics ASV is autonomous but it is always good to see what is going on and how do you communicate nowadays – […]


Using “hydroacoustic properties” to date lava flows

Isobel Yeo of GEOMAR’s Helmholtz Institute for Ocean Research Kiel is calculating the date of lava flows from undersea volcanoes by using the reflectivity returned by sonar backscatter. Nice article on the BBC website here and her paper can be downloaded here


R2Sonic have released a major firmware update

It looks like R2Sonic have been busy. Pitch stabilisation and ROBO mode! Major firmware & GUI releaseStandard frequency range is expanded to 170-450kHz for Sonic 2026 systems, and Sonic 2022 and 2024 systems with model 1006 projectors.GUI now includes ROBO Mode for shallow water surveys less than 40m in depth, simplifying sonar operation.700kHz UHR option […]


Qimera – very exciting

I’ve been working on this for a few months now and finally we can talk about it. Qimera should really change the way that multibeam data is processed. No complicated setup, an intuitive interface and unbelievably powerful features and speed. More posts to follow on this!


New bathy LiDAR system

I got this through on an email the other day from Riegl. This is meant to sort out the problem of very shallow water but seemed quite far off being a product last year at ELMF. It looks like they have been working hard. RIEGL VQ-820-G – Airborne Laser Scanner for Bathymetric Use The VQ-820-G […]


Operation Gooseberry

Here at NetSurvey we are just gearing up for Operation Gooseberry, which is a survey we will perform at the end of September of the British and Canadian D-Day Beaches (Gold, Silver and Juno). As well as a survey it is going to be a joint training exercise with the UK Hydrographic Office. We will […]

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