It looks like R2Sonic have been busy. Pitch stabilisation and ROBO mode!

Major firmware & GUI releaseStandard frequency range is expanded to 170-450kHz for Sonic 2026 systems, and Sonic 2022 and 2024 systems with model 1006 projectors.GUI now includes ROBO Mode for shallow water surveys less than 40m in depth, simplifying sonar operation.700kHz UHR option is now available for Sonic 2020 systems, enabling 1° x 1° beamwidths.UHR sector coverage is extended to 70°, increasing swath coverage.Pitch stabilization is now supported by the Sonic 2020 and 2026 systems.Steerable / Adjustable Beamwidth Forward-Looking Sonar is now available as an optional upgrade for Sonic 2020 and 2026 systems, allowing for better use of fixed sonar installations and increased control over the area.Minor feature additions to GUI.